2016 Application Deadline Approaching!

To:          Executive Directors of Cleveland’s Community Development Corporations

From:    Green Up Cleveland

Date:     November 30, 2015

Re:         Selection of a “Flagship Neighborhood” for Green Up Cleveland’s 2016 litter pick-up event

Green Up Cleveland will once again select a “flagship neighborhood” for our annual Cleveland litter pick-up event to take place on May 7, 2016.  Last year’s event, in the Stockyards neighborhood, yielded several hundred volunteers and over 70,000 pounds of trash.  Working with you, we hope to top this in 2016!

The neighborhood selected will receive the following from Green Up Cleveland:

1) A large, orchestrated group of volunteers dedicated to trash pick-up in one or more high-impact neighborhood corridor(s) or area(s) to be chosen in partnership with the selected CDC;

2) All bags, gloves, and other necessary supplies; and

3) The services of Court Community Service (“CCS”), including its trash hauling vehicles.  In addition to CCS individuals and trucks working on the designated corridors, CCS will also assist block clubs with collecting bagged trash and tires they collect from sites within the project area.

To nominate your community as the flagship neighborhood, please answer the following:

1) Why do you want to be Green Up Cleveland’s flagship neighborhood, and are there reasons why your neighborhood in particular should be chosen?

2) Please describe the litter and trash challenges in your neighborhood, and identify specific problem areas to target.  (e.g. particular roads or areas)

3) What cleanup resources or events does your neighborhood currently rely on to keep litter in check?  How will you mobilize neighborhood residents to volunteer on May 7? Tell us about your block clubs and citizen involvement. (While GUC volunteers and CCS crews will work in the selected areas, we expect block clubs, residents, and neighborhood businesses to pitch in throughout the neighborhood too.)

4) Are you able to identify a community member or CDC employee to serve as a liaison between your CDC and Green Up Cleveland?

5) Who is/are your City Council representatives?  Can you secure the use of dumpsters for the May 7 event from your Council rep?  Please include a brief letter of support from your Council representative for your participation in this event; the letter should indicate what resources the rep can secure.  (We cannot necessarily rely on City dumpsters without Council rep obtaining them.)

6) Can you suggest potential locations for a “volunteer headquarters,” where we can offer volunteer check-in and restrooms?

**Please submit all materials to greenupcleveland@gmail.com by Friday, January 8, 2015. We look forward to hearing from you!**


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