Green Up Cleveland Announces North Collinwood as Flagship Neighborhood for 2016 Cleanup Day

Northeast Shores Development Corporation Partners with Green Up Cleveland

March 7, 2016 – Green Up Cleveland, which brings people together to rally around a single day of community cleanup each year, announced today the flagship neighborhood for 2016: Cleveland’s North Collinwood neighborhood.

North Collinwood, home to the famed Beachland Ballroom, farm-to-table dining, and the up-and-coming Waterloo arts district, is also home to conscientious residents, affordable home ownership, a diverse citizenship, and gritty, quirky blue-collar roots.  It also boasts the longest Lake Erie shoreline of any neighborhood in the city.

On Saturday May 7, 2016, the Northeast Shores Development Corporation and Green Up Cleveland will partner to bring Green Up Cleveland’s annual cleanup event to North Collinwood.  Once again, the flagship event will mobilize a neighborhood for a day to make a powerful visible impact by cleaning up litter and trash.

Hitting the streets will be a large, orchestrated group of volunteers dedicated to trash pick-up, Court Community Service and their supervised work crews, and resident volunteers working with the community leadership of the Northeast Shores Development Corporation.  “We’re looking forward to this opportunity to build on what we’re already doing in Collinwood,” said Julia DiBaggio, Community Engagement Manager, “and to show through our actions how proud we are of our neighborhood.”

The event also has the support of City Council Representative Michael D. Polensek (Ward 8). “I know it will mean a lot to the residents and businesses who work hard to keep our ward viable to be a part of a recognized effort. We can show the rest of the City just how it is done.”

Green Up Cleveland is actively recruiting and accepting teams and individual volunteers from all over the region to make a focused, one-day impact that will draw attention to the trash problem that plagues so many Cleveland neighborhoods.  “Collinwood has a proud history, and dedicated residents that are making its bright future a reality,” said Sharon Holbrook, president of Green Up Cleveland.  “We’re eager to multiply their efforts to make the May 7 cleanup a huge success and to make Collinwood a leader in neighborhood cleanup citywide.”

Last May, Green Up Cleveland ran a festive, community-building clean-up event in the Stockyards neighborhood near downtown, drawing more than 150 volunteers who, together with nonprofit Court Community Service, collected more than 35 tons of trash.

This year Green Up Cleveland once again received numerous applications from Cleveland neighborhoods wishing to be the city’s 2016 flagship neighborhood.  “Trash is a major quality of life issue for nearly every Cleveland neighborhood.  It’s really a shocking volume,” continued Holbrook.  “And that’s a problem for everyone who lives in, works in, plays in, and loves Cleveland.  We need all hands on deck to tackle this.”

For more information and to learn how you can take part, please visit, follow @GreenUpCLE on Twitter and like, or email the organization directly at



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